We care about your smile! Let us handle all of your dental needs in the Durham, Raleigh, and surrounding NC areas.
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Exams and Screenings

It is very important to have regular examinations of your mouth, teeth, and gums to maintain good oral health. Maintaining good oral health is all about preventing disease causing conditions as well as catching and eradicating disease at the earliest stage possible. Our dentists are trained to accurately examine and diagnose problems in your teeth and gums that you cannot see. This is paramount to avoiding the risk of unnecessary mouth pain and expensive procedures.


Cavities and Fillings

Mouth germs and bacteria can eat away at teeth like worms at an ripe apple.  First the holes are small spots but, if neglected, start to grow and engulf the entire tooth until everything is rotten.  If you have been told you have small cavities, you don’t want to keep them in your mouth.  Our dentists are experts at removing rotten tooth material and can protect the remaining healthy tooth with reinforcing and sealing materials.


Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes you may have incredible significant damage to you tooth and sometimes they are beyond repair.  Teeth that often need massive repair work require “caps” or crowns.  Teeth that cannot be repaired are often removed and replaced with a life-like substitute in a bridge.


Dentures and Partials

If you’ve lost many or all of your adult teeth you don’t have to walk around like a halloween Jack-o’-lantern.  We can replace large scale missing teeth with full or partial removable dentures.  These precision instruments are handcrafted to fit your individual mouth accurately and securely.  The result is a better esthetic look and an increased chewing ability.

clear braces

Short-term Orthodontics

Many people would prefer straighter teeth.  There is no better time than now to improve the appearance of your smile!  Moving teeth into alignment is best accomplished with traditional wires and braces.  We offer some of the newest orthodontic techniques with the 6 Month Smile “clear braces” to provide the beauty that our patients want.  We offer short-term treatment solutions totaling between 6 months to 1 year of treatment time, for small to medium scale malocclusion corrections.  Best of all, the treatment is a fraction of the cost of most traditional orthodontic cases.



Tired of tan teeth?  Want to reverse the effects of time by getting a brighter, cleaner, and younger smile?  Millions are changing the way the face the world by using tooth whitening/bleaching procedures.   We offer in office and take-home whitening solutions for patients in any age range.  Ask for a consult today!



Permanent tooth replacement is the wave of the future.  Implants have become the preferred method of treating smile gaps.  We work with local implant surgeons in a team approach to plan, execute, and finish simple to complex implant retained tooth replacement procedures.  We can provide single tooth, multi-tooth, or implant retained denture options for patients of all ages.



Growing kids need the best in oral care!   The health of their mouth often effects the health of their growth and development.  The formation of excellent oral hygiene habits is paramount to the longevity of a beautiful smile.  We want kids to appreciate the dental office.  We focus on providing a trauma free environment where parents and kids can learn the tenants of good oral hygiene.  We have access to pediatric experts who see children at our facility when advanced care is necessary.

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